What sparkplug does my bike need?

85cc / 100cc Engines: 2013> NGK BR9ECMIX
85cc (>2012) / 100cc (>2012) /  125cc / 144cc Engines. NGK BR9 EG – Electrode gap: 0.7mm
250cc / 300cc Engines: >2018      NGK BR8 EG – Electrode Gap: 0.7mm
250cc / 300cc Engines:  2019> NGK BKR8EIX – Electrode Gap: 0.7mm


Because of electrical system changes over various models and model years please be sure you note your bikes spark plug type and replace with a new, identical one. Please refer to user manual for correct applications over models / model years. 

NGK CR8E – Electrode gap: 0.7mm

NGK CR9 EIX – Electrode Gap: 0.7mm


How do I adjust the right chain tension on my TM ?

for alle MX and EN Models (not the Junior 85/100)
the distance between chain slider and chain needs to be at least 45mm (see picture)

Do I need to grease the bearings when my bike is new ?

The TM bikes come with a good load of grease out oft he factory – so no worries when the bike is new.
Please clean and re-grease the steering bearings, swingarm & linkage after 10 hours and than every 25 hrs (at least)

2 stroke TSI oil circuit filling (EN - SMR)

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